Spreading Peanut Butter – The People’s Choice


Last night the Workforce Development Center at Paul D Camp Community College was bustling with activity.  Local merchants of every description, including Hubbard Peanut Company, were represented at the Chamber of Commerce Expo where attendees can learn everything they ever wanted to know about insurance, finance, and medical care while purchasing Christmas gifts from various retailers and enjoying food prepared by local restaurants.   Expo13

We set up our booth so that most of our products were on display on a side table.  Instead of setting our usual tasting samples out front, this year we stacked peanut butter on the table. 

 “I didn’t know you were making peanut butter,” was a frequent comment as people stopped by our booth to pick up a bag of Hubbies we were giving away.  Our reply, “We don’t make peanut butter, but we are spreading it…. and tonight we are spreading it to Cooperative Ministries.”  With that, many people paused and wanted to know more.  Most then stopped and pulled out their wallets.


With every jar of peanut butter that was purchased by attendees at the Chamber Expo, Hubbard Peanut Company donated one.  Each donor signed a ‘peanut’ and attached it to a sign card that would be presented to Cooperative Ministries with the donations of peanut butter.  By the end of the night, our sign “Spreading Peanut Butter – Fighting Hunger” was peppered with peanuts and the words were hidden…..but by no means were the words lost. 

 The energy around the booth was enthusiastic and at the end of the evening when booth awards were announced, Hubbard Peanut Company was the People’s Choice.  We were thrilled….not  for ourselves… but because of the wonderful outpouring of response from our community for those who need help.  The people at the Chamber Expo had chosen to give to Cooperative Ministries so that others might be fed this holiday season.  We were all winners last night.

Hubbard Peanut Company