Hubs Peanut Brittle

(7 reviews)

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16 oz Peanut Brittle
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Hubs Peanut Brittle
In days past, once the harvest was complete, Southern kitchens were busy preparing for the upcoming holidays. A favorite gift for family and friends was homemade peanut brittle. The process required constant stirring and just the right temperatures to ensure perfect brittle. Try ours. Made with Hubs Virginia peanuts, it's the closest to 'home' you will find.
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7 reviews
Mar 8, 2023
This is the best peanut brittle I ever had. Not overly sweet or chewy, very fresh, crisp and sort of melts in your mouth. Thank you!
Sharon Andrien
Great peanut brittle
Feb 23, 2023
First time to eat Hubs peanut brittle and really enjoyed it.
Sandra Harris
Best ever peanut brittle
Dec 31, 2022
I received a Christmas gift two years in a row from my coworker. This is simply the best ever peanut brittle I have ever tasted. I will have to order some myself. Thank you for making such an amazing, excellent product and happy new year!
Darlene Grace
Gone in 20 minutes
Aug 9, 2022
I work with 8 wonderful women. My can of brittle,(unopened), had been sitting in the corner for two weeks. So one of my coworkers kept wondering what was in the purple box. After she opened it, tasted it, and began to proclaim the best thing ever, all of the others came in and I watched the contents disappear. Gone. The only thing better is chocolate covered peanuts!
Rick Orgain
The Best!!!!
Jun 8, 2022
I was given a can of your peanuts as a gift and I loved them, so I went to order more of the same and saw all your other products. On your website I saw your Peanut Brittle and decided to try a can. It is so fantastic, I have to control my eating. I do believe I could eat the whole can in one sitting. It''s is by far the best I have ever eaten. I must not be alone for I'm seeing on this website that it's now out of stock and I'm hoping not for long. Thank you for such a great product.
Rose Kelsh
The best
Feb 25, 2022
This is the BEST peanut brittle I have ever eaten!!
Rachel B Lankton
Best nuts ever!
Feb 2, 2022
Wife ordered on the help of a friend,except for me best decision she ever made.GREAT peanuts will more of your nuts.
Gary roach