Happy Hour Mix

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15 oz Cans Individually Boxed
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Hubs Happy Hour Mix
Every hour is a happy hour when you indulge your snack tooth with all these crunchy flavors. A sweet and savory combination of Original Hubs Salted, Hubs Honey Kissed, and traditional snacks, this mix will be perfect for anyone at any time, all year around!
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14 reviews
The Very Best
Sep 29, 2022
I have enjoyed every kind of Hubs. The chocolate covered is still my favorite, but I am anxious to try this new addition of Hubs Mix! These peanuts are my "go to" for gifts! I just recently treated Brazilian guests with cans of Hubs! What a special treat! They loved them.
Jacki Surles
The Best!
Sep 13, 2022
We received this as a Christmas gift, and loved it so much that we now give it as a gift. Everyone's favorite!
Lea Nye
The Best!
Jul 26, 2022
This is the best snack mix ever! Just the right amount of sweet and savory. I can't stay away from it!!
Mari Simonson
Happy Hour Mix
Jan 30, 2022
When is Happy Hour Mix going to be available????
Meryl Trebino
Ditto to Brian
Jan 23, 2022
I whole-heartedly agree with Brian...best commercial snack food ever! Hope this isn't the end of it. Please!!
Roger Webb
The BEST!!
Dec 30, 2021
Better than the bar mix! Please bring them back soon. I promise to buy multiple cans!! Happy New Year!
Andrea D. Bradford
Not available
Dec 23, 2021
Any way to be notified when the trail mix will be in stock
Walter Moorman
The "Best" Party Mix
Dec 20, 2021
This is the best party mix that I have ever purchased. The mixture of nuts, pretzels, sesame, etc. is perfect. This is now my favorite purchase from "Hugs". I still do like my honey roasted nuts. I'm soooooo disappointed , I wanted to purchase four more cans with the 20% off , however, it looks like their sold out. Please notify me when it's back in stock!
Bernadette Brennan
Nov 29, 2021
This stuff is soooo good! The best!
Happy Hour Mix
Oct 31, 2021
My husband loves this snack mix. I can't keep enough in stock for him! The whole family enjoys this product.
Great Snack Mix
Oct 19, 2021
We tried the happy hour mix recently and loved it. It didn't last long so I'll definitely buy more next time.
Jun 24, 2021
This snack mix is so good! So delicious! I bought one can and the next day went back for more!
Nancy Buckland
Over priced, way over priced, too salty and bland
May 24, 2021
Do yourself a favor and buy generic snack mix from your local grocery store and pay 1/5th as much.
best snack mix ever
Apr 21, 2021
Really. Starts with the Hubs peanuts, then add a couple different pretzels, some sesame stix, corn and flax chips, cheese crackers....maybe more. This is the best combination of ingredients and flavors I've found.
Brian W Knickrehm