Heavenly Hubs

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9 oz. Chocolate Caramel Peanut Clusters
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Chocolate Caramel Peanut Clusters
Hubs super extra-large salted peanuts are combined with rich creamy caramel and the perfect amount of milk chocolate to form this special dessert. We call them heavenly and you will too, because our Heavenly Hubs are definitely out of this world. Individual patties of candy are just the right size to satisfy your sweet tooth without over indulging. Crumble these over ice cream for an altogether different experience, but beware. You'll want more!

Available November through March.

Product ships weather permitting. If temperatures are warm at our location, we will hold your order until temperatures cool; however, if your location has temperatures that reach into the 80's, please choose an expedited shipping option. Also, please consider a delivery address where someone will be available to accept the package. We are unable to guarantee this product will not be damaged by heat exposure.

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6 reviews
They Are
Jan 14, 2024
I received a box of Heavenly Hubs last year for Christmas. So wonderful that I almost ate the entire box at one sitting! :-)
Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
Dec 13, 2023
Firstly all the products I've tried are amazing but if you were only to get one thing I would highly recommend you to order these.
Zach Laffery
I am in LOVE
Dec 28, 2022
My go to snack USED to be Brachs chocolate covered caramel peanut clusters. But, it has gotten hard to find them. WOW!!! I have found my new go to snack. These are so good, it is hard to stop at one. In fact, these are far better than any other similar candy I have ever tasted. I just wish they were available year round but the heat does not like these little beauties.
Pam Caddell
Dec 19, 2022
I received this as a thoughtful gift and WOW these are amazingly delicious!!! I LOVE the giant peanuts. Finally the right ratio of near dark chocolate caramel and peanuts at the right sweetness ( over a yucky name brand candy bar). Hope to get these again. :)
Nov 10, 2022
It is November 10th! When will the Heavenly Hubs be available? Thanks!
Bob Hausenfluck
Heavenly Hubs are truly heavenly!
Jun 23, 2022
I wish these were available all year round, my family and I absolutely love these.
Erick Dillon