Choco Covered Peanuts

20 oz. Cans Individually Boxed
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Choco Covered Hubs Salted Peanuts
For the lover of chocolate covered peanuts, this is a sweet treat. Our delicious Hubs salted peanuts are dipped and lightly coated with a satisfying chocolate flavor that doesn't overpower. You won't have trouble finding the peanut in Hubs choco covered peanuts. We use the same super extra-large Virginia peanuts for the perfect combination of nuttiness and sweetness. Kosher certified and packaged in reusable vacuum tins, Hubs choco covered peanuts will make great gifts.

Available November through March.

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They don't come any better than Hubs
Apr 6, 2021
I have been ordering from Hubs for many, many years and I can guarantee that there are no better peanuts of ANY KIND in the world that's better than Hubs. The only complaint I can muster is....they don't offer Choco Covered Peanuts year round.
Bob Roseberry