Relationships Matter! Hubs Can Help.

About Us

Building relationships is part of what makes the world go round and that's what Hubbard Peanut Company is all about!

Our goal is to help you put your best foot forward and make the best possible impression for any occasion. Business clients, employees, friends, neighbors and helpers are all valuable to you. Hubs Virginia Peanuts are just the ticket for a quality experience no matter what the situation.

  • A friend or neighbor just stopped by unannounced and now you are a host. Fortunately, you have an extra tin of Hubs in the pantry.
  • You just got invited to your neighbor's home for dinner and you don't want to show up empty handed. Thank goodness you have an extra tin of Hubs for the rescue.
  • What an incredible weekend at your friend's vacation home. Give us a call, or visit and say "thank you" with a gift of Hubs.
  • It's 3 PM and the salad you ate for lunch is no longer fueling your day. Let Hubs bring you back to the grind.
  • It's 6:30 PM and it has been a long day at work. You want to make a drink and have a little snack before dinner. Hubs can help!
  • It's Saturday morning and you are about to go on a bike ride. You remember that Hubs is a super food and is the perfect snack to fuel your ride.
  • You had an important meeting and the client just emailed a signed contract. You pick up the phone and have a can of Hubs shipped to their office.
  • You are traveling and need to pack a few snacks for your travel buddies. You can carry Hubs wherever you go.
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