Single Origin Redskins

(14 reviews)

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Single Origin Redskins
Single Origin Hubs are Virginia type peanuts grown on one small farm around the corner from our home in Southampton County, Virginia. What makes them special? The process is the old fashioned way all farmers harvested peanuts for generations until the 1970's and 80's when more mechanization was introduced. Our Single Origin peanuts were dried in the sun for many days before being picked from the vine and taken to a local sheller to be USDA certified. They are small but flavorful peanuts that still have their red layer of skin intact. To learn more, please view the video below. We have been excited to share Elisha's story and thank you for supporting this chapter of history.

Single Origin Peanut Story

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14 reviews
Great year old school still in use
Oct 11, 2023
What a rewarding story to share
Cynthia B Long
Sep 17, 2023
I just finished my first order of Mr. Elisha's Single Origin peanuts. OMGoodness! Since receiving them I found myself nibbling on them every day and throughout the day as a snack. My waistline is suffering for it but I have enjoyed every single one. My family grew peanuts in Mississippi when I was growing up, but we did not do this process. I see and taste the difference. Congratulations on your success and partnership with Mr. Elisha...I will tell all my friends...but see these are already sold out! Glad I got my taste in!
April Nelson
So Much YUM
Sep 16, 2023
Okay...we are peanut people...we love them boiled, ground, seasoned, in sauces and ever other way but these...these are so crunchy, peanutty and sweet... Thank your for your care and willingness to support this little bit of history.
Katherine Cox
Love them!
Sep 4, 2023
I read the article in Southern Living about peanut farmer Mr. Elisha Barnes. I immediately ordered these peanuts. I shared them with our architect, designer, and contractor during a construction meeting. Everyone learned about "shocking" peanuts during harvest (from me) and everyone LOVED the peanuts! I am ordering some for my dad in Ohio now.
Kristen Carlson
Fabulous product
Aug 29, 2023
I don't usually eat peanuts - never thought of them as particularly healthy. But when I read Elisha's story, I had to try these peanuts. They are the best tasting peanuts I have ever had and I have to stop myself from over consuming them! I hope Elisha's family continues with his tradition of air-drying his peanuts. I also love that they are a Single Source peanut. This product is excellent!! Keep it coming, please!
Sharon M Intilli
Outstanding quality
Apr 18, 2023
I can really taste the care and nurturing that went into this product. I love the slight variation in color and size, and that means I'm eating a truly natural product. Excellent nut for cooking, blending into butter or eating as-is.
Scott Pletcher
Single Origin Redskins, yum yum
Mar 21, 2023
Thank you to Mr Elishia Barnes and Hubbards for bringing us these Single Origin Redskin peanuts. After reading article about Mr Barnes and his old school method in Virginia Living and other magazine articles I wanted to try them. I highly respect Mr Barnes for his dedication and for producing the most delicious peanuts ever. They are absolutely delicious and I find I need a handful or so every day. Since they aren't always available I'm getting ready to order four more cans so I won't run out before next crop,is available. Thanks again.
Jane OBrien
Best peanuts on the market
Mar 1, 2023
These peanuts are the best I've ever had and I eat a lot of peanuts.
James McClure
How special!
Oct 28, 2022
These peanuts are so special. I hope if many of your customers buy them, you will continue to support Mr. Barnes and his successors in providing us with peanuts farmed in this traditional way.
Simply the Best!!
Oct 13, 2022
I know they say progress is the way to go, but sometimes the old ways are best, and these peanuts are proof. Sweet and crunchy, these single origin redskins were a delightful surprise when I first tried them. And knowing that I'm supporting a small, local farmer just makes it all the better. I also recently had the opportunity to meet Mr. Elisha Barnes and he is the nicest, most humble and down-to-earth gentleman. It was wonderful getting to chat with him about his methods and love for farming.
Great peanuts and love to support small family farms
Sep 25, 2022
The old way is still the best way and the taste and quality of these peanuts are tremendous. Loved seeing the story about the family and how they still dry the peanuts the way farmers used to. Hope y'all will continue to offer this product, I love them
Joe M
Happy to support
Sep 15, 2022
After seeing the video I definitely wanted to support Elisha Barnes. Was a truly inspiring video. The peanuts just arrived and we are extremely happy we ordered. They truly are sweet peanuts. Will definitely be placing an additional orders for the upcoming holidays. Thanks Mr. Barnes for all your efforts - can taste the love!
Mary & Bruce Robertson
Single Origin Redskins
Mar 17, 2022
These peanuts grown and harvested the old fashion way are truly sweeter tasting. I am happy to have made many purchases of these delicious peanuts and supported Elisha and Hubbard Peanuts.
MaryLouise Darnell
Absolutely the best ever!!!
Mar 5, 2022
We have been enjoying your peanuts since the 1970's when we lived in Virginia. During the middle of February, we ordered the Single Orgin Redskins after reading the South Hampton's Farmer's story. We were more than pleasantly surprised as to how delicious they were. Highly recommend!!!!
Irma Brown