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Large List Orders

Do you have a lot of addresses to ship to on your order??

Hubbard Peanut Company has made your gift ordering much easier! Simply follow the steps below and Hubs will take care of the rest.

NOTE: Follow the instruction below to SAVE the file FIRST before entering any information into the fields. Then open it from your computer. Please make sure you have Microsoft Excel to ensure full functionality of the order form.

Step 1: Download Gift List

Logged in Members: Start here by downloading all of your saved addresses in a single gift list order form:

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Please carefully review your address book. Make any additions or changes to names or addresses prior to exporting your address book to the 'Gift List Template" provided.

Guests, download our simple Order Form Template to get started.

Download Order Form Template   Template Instructions

Note: Please do not change the format of the provided template or your order may be delayed.

Step 2: Save the File

Click "Save" when prompted to save the file to a folder of your choice on your computer

Step 3: Update the File

Open the file from your computer and fill in the order information. Use the template to add your items, quantities, and required ship date in the indicated fields.

Full File Format Details

Step 4: Send Completed Gift List

Email the completed file to our sales team at

Questions? Contact our sales team at 800-889-7688 for further assistance!