Peanut Planting

Do peanuts grow on trees?

No, peanuts are nitrogen-fixing legumes that grow beneath the soil. They are not nuts, despite the fact that they have shells and a crunchy, nutty tasting fruit.

Where does the name Hubs come from?

H J Hubbard, Dot's husband was often called Hub, so she decided to name her brand after him and called them Hub's peanuts. Because so many people dropped the apostrophe, we decided to make it easier and leave it out. Now people will ask, "What is a Hub?"

Why do Hubs have tiny blister-like bubbles on them?

Dot Hubbard commercially pioneered a process that involves dipping peanuts in hot water. When the timing and the temperature are just right, tiny bubbles will appear after the peanuts are dropped in oil. Some people called this method 'blister frying'.

Peanuts in Factory

How are super extra-large Virginia peanuts different from others?

Compared to the other three varieties, Virginia peanuts are noted for size and superior flavor. Many years ago, Dot Hubbard began asking the local shellers from whom she purchased her supply to cull and reserve the big peanuts that wouldn't fit in the planting equipment. It wasn't long before the demand outgrew the supply and the shellers developed an unofficial "super" classification to distinguish for size and price. Only about 2% of each harvest qualifies as a super extra-large grade.

If I am on your mailing list will my name be sold or rented to another company?

Absolutely not! Our mailing list is private. We are quite proud of the fact that we have never purchased a name for our list nor do we sell or rent names. Our list is made up of people who have actually purchased our products.

DC to Sedley

What about the people on my gift list? Do you send them pricing information?

No. We are old-fashioned enough to believe that you don't want your gift recipient to see what you paid for the gift, even after the fact. Your list is private and we don't send our literature until after someone has requested it or made a purchase.

Why don't you sell tree nuts such as almonds and cashews?

One day if we expand our operations we might, but today, we have a small physical footprint and we do not wish to risk cross contamination of allergens. However, our Honey Kissed peanuts and Happy Hour Mix have ingredients that were processed in a facility that manufactures tree nuts.

Do you sell your product at a discounted price to organizations needing to raise money or funds?

Yes, we do. There is a minimum order requirement and the organization should be classified as charitable or 501(c) 3. Sometimes groups affiliated within a 501(c) 3 organization may qualify. Please, call and we'll be happy to discuss ideas for your program.

Ruritan National

Can I purchase your peanuts anywhere other than through your company?

Yes, but give us a call. There are gourmet stores and gift shops scattered throughout the USA that sell Hubs and we would like to help you find a local source of supply.

Where is Sedley, Virginia?

Sedley is a village in Southampton County which is located just above the North Carolina border. If you are looking at the map, find Norfolk and Virginia Beach. We are tucked away about an hour west, between Route 460 and Hwy 58.

What is so special about Sedley?

It's home....and it is also in the heart of the peanut country. Dot was born and raised in Sedley and it is where she returned to raise her family.