Raw Peanuts

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3 lb. Raw Redskins
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  • $29.95
  • Boxed 4 per Case
  • $74.50
Packed with three pounds of Virginia's finest from the harvest, our reusable cloth bag of raw redskins comes complete with recipes. From simply roasting these peanuts in the oven to making a variety of brittles and candies, you or your foodie friends will enjoy having a stash of raw peanuts in your refrigerator or freezer. We recommend that raw peanuts always be cooked before consuming.
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6 reviews
Great Product
Jun 6, 2024
As a daughter of Virginian roots, I remember my Dad roasting peanuts on weekends. Since finding Hubs, it's my guilty pleasure. I do manage to share as I get the 4 pack.
Perfect Peanuts
Feb 16, 2024
In our house, peanuts are a staple. We roast them and then grind them into spicy chutney, use them in cooking, or munch on them plain. Hubs Raw Peanuts are reliably fresh and flavorful. They surpass every other brand we have tried over the years.
Peanut Lover
Best Raw Peanuts
Dec 9, 2022
If you like to custom roast peanuts, you can't get any better than these. They're huge and the flavor is excellent. I roast mine in an air fryer, 350 for 9 minutes...what a treat.
Victoria Simpson
Home Cook
Dec 8, 2022
I have used Hub Raw Peanuts for years. I use them for peanut brittle. They are the largest peanuts I have found and are delicious!
Nina Willham
Worth the Time!
Oct 31, 2022
Fry up a mess in peanut or olive oil. Spread out and season while hot with: salt and/or pepper/ and or Worcestershire and/or Crystal and/or..... A cold draft also goes well.
Ernest Jones
Best raw peanuts
Oct 11, 2021
We ordered these raw peanuts so we could enjoy roasted peanuts . My husband has to be very careful about too much salt . We thought that the raw peanuts would be an option. They are fabulous!!! Hugh peanuts ! We should not have even put some of them in the freezer because they did not stay in the freezer long. Now ordering more.
Claudia Gore