Salted Peanuts

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20 oz. Cans Individually Boxed
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  • Single Can
  • $29.95
  • $29.95
  • Boxed 2 per Case
  • $23.38
  • $46.75
  • Boxed 4 per Case
  • $19.74
  • $78.95
  • Boxed 10 per Case
  • $14.63
  • $146.25
  • Boxed 20 per Case
  • $13.80
  • $275.95
32 oz. Cans Individually Boxed
  • Case Pack
  • Per Unit
  • Price
  • Qty
  • Single Can
  • $34.50
  • $34.50
  • Boxed 2 per Case
  • $27.75
  • $55.50
  • Boxed 4 per Case
  • $24.44
  • $97.75
  • Boxed 10 per Case
  • $19.55
  • $195.50
40 oz. Cans Individually Boxed
  • Case Pack
  • Per Unit
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  • Qty
  • Single Can
  • $37.75
  • $37.75
  • Boxed 2 per Case
  • $31.88
  • $63.75
  • Boxed 4 per Case
  • $27.69
  • $110.75
  • Boxed 10 per Case
  • $23.60
  • $235.95
Home Cooked Virginia Salted Peanuts
Our Hubs salted peanuts are Virginia peanuts at their very best. These super extra-large Virginia peanuts have awesome crunchiness and flavor. Whether described as artisanal, home cooked, blister fried, water blanched or just wonderful, you will love Hubs Virginia peanuts. Packaged in a reusable vacuum sealed tin, you will want to buy Hubs by the case and have them on hand for any unexpected occasion.
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45 reviews
Fantastic peanuts
Apr 20, 2024
Fantastic peanuts
Best in the West
Jan 3, 2024
There just is no better peanut to be found. I honestly mean that! Thank you Hubs
Dec 16, 2023
Hubba hubba, wow! Best peanuts on earth. Received a tin as a gift and thoroughly enjoyed them.#I.
John Jeffries
Best Nuts!
May 20, 2023
I received these nuts as a gift from a friend. These are the best peanuts I've ever tasted. I will buy after I am done with the 2 cans I received!!!!
Ralph Lenoci
Hubs Salted Peanuts
Apr 24, 2023
From the first time we bought Hubs Peanuts over 30years ago, we buy no other, ever. They are the BEST peanuts. We have been giving them as gifts for years & every one who is a recipient tells us they Hubs are the BEST they have ever had.
Janice Ferry
Just the Best
Mar 17, 2023
I have been giving HUBS for several years now - I always order at least 4 20 oz. cans and keep them on hand when I need to give a very special gift - and these peanuts are so very special! Always so fresh and deliciously tasty! Best on the market anywhere! The Chocolate covered ones are top notch as well!
Jacki B Surles
Great Gift
Feb 24, 2023
My husband received this from a vendor for the holidays. It is by far the freshest and best peanuts we have ever had!
Jackie & Buster Brady
best ever
Feb 19, 2023
It's not a peanut . Unless it's a hubs !!!!! thank you
Feb 17, 2023
My mother- in-law and family hails from the VA area. I am a Wisconsiner who never knew what a good peanuts was until i married into the family! These are the BEST peanuts i have ever eaten. Thank you HUBS.
Donna Rodgers
Absolutely THE BEST!!
Feb 7, 2023
My first purchase of Hubs Peanuts (salted). These peanuts are life changing. If you are expecting a planters or fischers style peanut be prepared as this is not your same ole' everyday peanut. This is the Prime Rib of peanuts. I will never go back to any other peanut brand. As a matter of fact I threw out my other peanuts in my pantry. No need to even keep them because I know I'll never eat them again. Perfect peanut and saltiness. Great product, 5 star all the way, will be a repeat customer.
Troy Green
Wow! Delicious peanuts!
Jan 27, 2023
We've eaten salted peanuts our entire lives. After vacationing in VA for a few years we'd buy VA peanuts as a treat. Then, neighbors moved in next door who are from VA and they gifted us a can of Hubs salted peanuts for Christmas. Oh my gosh, what a difference! Hubs are absolutely top quality with great taste. We will be buying Hubs from now on! They really are delicious!
Francine Hamilton
Best peanuts and family tradition
Jan 13, 2023
Hubs are not only the best most flavorful delicious peanuts, they are a family tradition for us. My husband and his brothers sold them as Boy Scouts :). We still order them and give as gifts at Christmas. And eat handfuls every night all year long. Thank you for the amazing quality!!
Tara Carr
Dec 11, 2022
kevin kackley
Best peanuts ever!
Nov 30, 2022
My dad use to fry his own peanuts at Christmas time. They were awesome. Hub's has always reminded me of Dad's peanuts. :)
Steve Ervin
First peanuts I've had in years.
Nov 14, 2022
We were visting our daughter who is stationed in Norfolk VA, we are from Michigan. And on our site seeing list was Williamsburg (loved it by the way). While we were there we went into a sandwich shop for lunch and I was looking at all the cool snacks the shop had to offer while we waited for our lunch to be made. I then spotted the peanuts I went over there not getting my hopes up that I could eat any of them, because you see I am allergic to tree nuts and every peanut I have come across are processed on the same equipment as they are. But to my surprise the first can I pick up was Hubbs and they are not processed on any such equipment so in my cart they went. I love love love them they have just the right amount of salt and crunch and the taste is fabulous. There is only one complaint the can's I bought that day were not big enough lol. Will be placing a on line order very soon. Thank you for make a such great product.
Kelly Haskill
Sep 1, 2022
We have a camp out in Highland County, VA. that we do not stay out there as frequently as we used to. We always purchased your peanuts to take with us and to have at home for our guests, because they are the best. I have purchased your product for years even given them as gifts. We go out to camp mainly to clean and mow. We were out there this last month and found and unopened can of peanuts in the cabinet. We were so upset thinking we were going to have to throw them away. Lot #56786 Best By 09/09/14. We finished them with family on vacation last week, never put them in the frig. and they were just as fresh as the day they were purchased. Thank you for an excellent product.
Jim Hinton
Simply said - "THE BEST"
Aug 18, 2022
My dad introduced me to these peanuts years ago. Nothing else compares to the quality, flavor and overall taste that HUBS peanuts have.
Jul 18, 2022
Best peanuts there is!
Marlene Pennell
Great Taste
Jul 17, 2022
I bought them at the local Publix grocery store. Just the right amount of salt.... Great taste, fresh, crunchy. Affordable....
Harold Wesley Campbell
Jun 9, 2022
I received these for Christmas several years ago and was hooked. They are the biggest and best tasting oeanuts ever!!! I buy them every year and like to have them all year round!
Marlene Pennell
Very best!
May 1, 2022
These are the best peanuts anywhere! We got a can as a gift years ago and now have to have and give for holidays.
Marlene Pennell
Apr 10, 2022
We were at Publix in Richmond a few months ago and came across this peanut! It is the very best Virginia peanut ever...or, for that matter, in the country! However, we can't buy them in Northern Virginia! Do not miss out on this opportunity. I hope we have another reason to travel to Richmond just so we may stock Up. Love HUBS PEANUTS!
Gina Fitzsimmons
The best!
Mar 17, 2022
We love these peanuts! They are number 1 in size and taste, and shipping is so quick. We used to buy the family some for Christmas each year but they caught on and now order themselves!
Marlene Pennell
Been a nut snob since the mid 1980's
Feb 28, 2022
I received Hubs as a Christmas gift in the mid 1980's. It was back then I became a nut afficinado or a nut snob. I remained with Hubs even through the fire at the Hubs factory. I purchase several cases for Christmas gifts and quarterly for our own consumption. I can say without hesitation or reservation these are the very best nut you can find. During the time I could not order Hubs due to the fire causing the factory to close, we travelled through Williamsburg, Virginia. We discovered and made a large purchase from a close competitor there with three shops. While their nut is close, they are still a distant second. Yep, I am hooked as are the people on the other end of the gifts.
Victor C
Best Ever
Feb 21, 2022
These are the best peanuts I have ever tasted. They are crispy, salted perfectly, and make for such a great gift.
Everybody loves them!
Jan 13, 2022
I've been ordering these peanuts for my customers and friends for many years. These are the very best peanuts ever. I also love the people at Hubs. They are so nice and always do a great job! Thank you!
Lisa Wright
Love these Nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 12, 2022
Received as a gift for the new year. So dang good. Honestly the best nuts I've ever had. I'm now ordering more for me and my family and staff. I didn't share the 20oz can. I ate them all and I loved every second. Thank you! A++
Jim Neerings
World's Best Peanuts
Jan 10, 2022
We have a family friend that sends us Hub's peanuts every year for Christmas. These peanuts are the freshest and most flavorful I have ever had.
Abbie Zulim
Jan 3, 2022
My son gave me a can of Hubs Peanuts for Christmas and I was blown away with them, the crunch, taste and just the right amount of salt. Oh my PERFECT! I am hooked on Hubs peanuts and will definitely have to try the other varieties! Thank you Hubs!
Not our Hubbs
Dec 31, 2021
The peanuts have changed Much smaller and not the same flavor What happened?
Always delicious
Dec 30, 2021
Each Christmas for the last umpteen years my sister and brother-in-law have had a large can of Hubbs jumbo peanuts sent to me. I am a peanut lover. My grandfather grew peanuts in his garden. We would parch them in the oven and they were delicious. Hubbs is a great match for my grandfather's peanuts. Makes my Christmas complete.
James Reavis
Dec 28, 2021
I love peanuts I have tried a lot of peanuts from different states, but these peanuts are absolutely delicious and very nicely satisfying...
Enjoying For Now 50 Years
Dec 21, 2021
What a wonderful product. I was introduced to Hubs Nuts in 1971. They were fabulous then and still a treat for me today. Extra large and cooked to perfection and always fresh. I have have buying for myself, to eat and to gift to others and will continue to do so for ..............
Robert Claggett
Nuts about Hubbard Peanuts!
Dec 16, 2021
These are the best peanuts ever! They are very fresh.
Kathy Allen
BEST peanuts on the Market !
Dec 10, 2021
B st peanuts on the market by far and DEFINITELY the best produced in West Virginia!! Thank you for placing Quality of your product
Larry Lechner
Found a peanut
Dec 3, 2021
I used to think all peanuts were the same. What makes Hubs stand alone? The freshness? The size of the nuts? The perfect amount of salt? A tender crunch, not overly dry? Its a mystery! On first introduction people say they' ve never heard of Hubs. On first taste they say these are GOOD peanuts.
Best peanuts by far!
Nov 30, 2021
I have been eating Hubs Peanuts since 1974 when the company I worked for would buy cases to give to their customers. After all these years Hubs are still hands down my favorite peanuts.
Pat Hanley
Salted Peanuts
Nov 4, 2021
These are the best salted peanuts that I have ever had. They are so fresh tasting and worth the price. I get them every year for Christmas gifts..
Pam Platt
Great peanuts!
Aug 28, 2021
I've been buying these nuts off and on for about 20 years. They are so fresh and crisp!
Sandy Smith
Best Peanuts Ever!
Aug 18, 2021
We tried these nuts while visiting a relative. Really, really good!!! Been ordering them on line ever since and sharing with friends and family.
Tim Baker
Why did it take so long to discover these!
Jul 13, 2021
I am a lover of peanuts, especially chocolate covered peanuts. We received a trio gift pack this past year for xmas and I had not heard of Hubs before. Where have these been all my 50 years of life!? These are by far the very best salted and chocolate covered peanuts I've had. I am now addicted and cannot wait for the chocolate covered ones to be back in stock. I am perusing their site to make sure I keep these in my pantry. They are the best; I don't care about the cost either. Yes, you can get cheaper peanuts, but why? Life is too short! Enjoy the BEST!
Jul 7, 2021
These are the best peanuts anywhere! Actual whole, large peanuts with a great crunch.
Every where I go
Jun 10, 2021
Have ordered Hubs when I lived in Texas and when I lived in Vermont, and now here in Kentucky! Many of those with whom I shared the peanuts when home and ordered that day. So I will order them every where I go. Absolutely the best.
Charles Wieters
Best Peanuts Ever!
May 7, 2021
I love peanuts! I've never had better tasting peanuts than Hubs. I don't know if it's the salt, the peanuts themselves, the growing method, cooking, but they are hands down the best peanuts you will ever eat. I gave some to my neighbor for Christmas (who is also a peanut lover....didn't know that at the time) he continues to rave about that gift. I recently ordered some more and gave him another can. He came up to me at Church and again thanked me profusely for this gift. I can't say enough about this product
Rebecca Gardiner
Terrific Website
Apr 7, 2021
This new look looks good on you! Easy to navigate, and I like the ease of seeing my past orders.
Roger Webb

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