Honey Kissed Hubs

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20 oz. Cans Individually Boxed
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  • $27.95
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  • $18.74
  • $74.95
  • Boxed 10 per Case
  • $13.98
  • $139.75
  • Boxed 20 per Case
  • $13.25
  • $264.95
An all-natural kiss of honey on super extra-large Virginia peanuts makes our newest Hubs product delectably sweet and delicious. A light honey coating with a touch of salt blends well with the nutty flavor to create a taste sensation that needs no other accompaniment. Feature golden brown Honey Kissed Hubs as a topping for ice cream and other desserts or add to Asian recipes for a unique flavor profile.
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3 reviews
great taste, great value
Jul 17, 2022
I bought them at the local Publix grocery store. They are excellent, just the right amount of sweet with the peanuts... Affordable.... When I am at the store I can buy as many as I like., when I like....
Harold Wesley Campbell
Sep 5, 2021
I was just given these delicious honey peanuts as a gift and WOW are they good much better than anything you ca buy in the grocery store
Jeanette A McIntosh
Inventory control
Aug 18, 2021
No product.......No Reviews. Oh yea no sales either.
Doug prehm