Choco Covered Peanut Brittle

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Due to supply chain issues, your next can of peanuts may not have a key (lid lifter) attached. We have traditionally supplied this small tool as an aide to open our cans; however, for the foreseeable future, it will not be available. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
16 oz. Cans Individually Boxed
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  • Boxed 2 per Case
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  • Boxed 4 per Case
  • $21.74
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  • Boxed 10 per Case
  • $17.30
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  • Boxed 20 per Case
  • $16.50
  • $330.00
  • Out of Season
Hubs Choco Covered Peanut Brittle
What could be better than a layer of chocolatey goodness married to our delicious Hubs salted peanut brittle? Try this and you'll want more!

Available November through March.

Product ships weather permitting. If temperatures are warm at our location, we will hold your order until temperatures cool; however, if your location has temperatures that reach into the 80's, please choose an expedited shipping option. Also, please consider a delivery address where someone will be available to accept the package. We are unable to guarantee this product will not be damaged by heat exposure.