Spreading Peanut Butter and Fighting Hunger – Part II


This week, Hubbard Peanut Company is preparing for the local Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.  For umteen number of years….I’ve lost count…we participate in this event to show support for our chamber and other local businesses.  Of course along the way, we hand out samples of Hubs peanuts, visit with old and new friends,  play games, and generally have a good time.

This year, we’ve decided to take a different approach and hope that we are able to build upon success. This year, we’ve decided to spread peanut butter!

No, Hubbard Peanut Company does not currently produce peanut butter, but we’ve decided that doesn’t really matter.  We can spread it anyway and we are going to start at home.

As Americans, we have so much to be thankful for, but in this country there are still people who are hungry.  Even though starvation is not as much of a problem, the lack of quality food and poor nourishment are definitely an issue, even in small towns like ours all across the U.S.A.  So this week at our Chamber Expo, Hubbard Peanut Company will be giving away peanut butter.  Show attendees will have an opportunity to buy and then donate a jar of peanut butter to our Cooperative Ministries who will then make sure it is distributed to someone who really  needs it.  For every jar purchased at the show, Hubbard Peanut Company will donate another jar….so in essence, Cooperative Ministries will receive a double dose of peanut butter. 

How perfect is peanut butter for curbing hunger?  Stay tuned for Spreading Peanut Butter and Fighting Hunger– Part III to learn more about  how peanut butter could become the cure for world starvation.   

Hubbard Peanut Company