Lynne Rabil

Lynne is our president and CEO. She was literally born into the business and manages the company from her office, which was her childhood bedroom. Throughout the years, Lynne has done every job at the plant except cook the peanuts. She even managed the payroll when she was teaching full time at Southampton Academy.

When she isn't working, Lynne loves sailing, kayaking, gardening, traveling, and exploring new restaurants.

Lynne's been lucky enough to travel a little outside of the U.S.A., but her top goal for future travel is to truly visit every state and hike in all of the major National Parks.

David Benton

David is the heartbeat of our production team. A proud William & Mary graduate, he has managed and been in charge of the production side of our house since 1991. David makes sure that our operation runs as smoothly as possible and has never asked an employee to do anything he hasn't done or isn't willing to do. David is a Southampton County native and is a big asset to our community. He has served as the Chairman of the local school board, is very active in his church, and volunteers with a number of civic organizations.

David has three children and enjoys spending time with them and his wife. When he is not at Hubbard Peanut Company he loves going to the beach.

When the timing is right, travel to Europe is on the horizon for David.

Marshall Rabil

Marshall is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing. He is Dot and HJ Hubbard's grandson. He remembers riding on the conveyor belt in the early 80's as a child, but now focuses his attention on driving sales and learning the business.

After college, Marshall worked in international education as a JET in Japan and as a manager for gap year programs with Carpe Diem. He enjoyed coaching and teaching, but was always drawn back to Hubs and in between semesters, he would pitch in with customer service, production, shipping and working trade shows. Prior to joining the business full time, he worked in the grocery business to get a better understanding of the industry.

Marshall loves spending time with his growing family and enjoys adventures, music, sports, and experiencing new foods and cultures.

Brian Perkins

Brian joined us in May 2018 as production manager with many years of extensive experience in the food industry. After a stint in the U.S. Navy and with an engineering degree from NC State, Brian launched a career in food plant maintenance and operations. Brian brings valuable knowledge and expertise that helps keep all operations running smoothly and efficiently. Not only do we appreciate his organizational skills, Brian is especially adept with Excel spreadsheets and loves to crunch numbers!

If he had not become our plant manager, Brian would likely be pursuing the elusive scratch handicap as a golfer. When asked what he would like to do in retirement, his pat answer is to "wash golf carts". He sees working (or playing) on a golf course in his future.

With his family that includes his wife and three teenage children, Brian enjoys traveling the scenic United States countryside.

Jeff Hall

Since 2006, Jeff has been on a path toward becoming our food safety and quality guru. As new laws and regulations have been implemented, Jeff has been the man responsible for ensuring we maintain important certifications and are ever ready for any inspection that comes our way.

When he isn't in Sedley, well, he lives in Sedley, but when he isn't making sure everything runs well in production, he loves playing with his two children and volunteering his time with the Cub Scouts.

Jeff is pretty happy here in Southampton County and is content to travel to a nice pond to catch bass.

Nancy Caulder

A native of Sedley, Nancy's tenure with Hubs began in 1981 as a seasonal employee. She quickly moved through the ranks from the packaging and shipping lines to become our logistics manager. All truck shipments are arranged at Nancy's desk and she is the company's problem solver for any shipping questions that arise.

She loves her family, fishing, and shopping. A visit to Myrtle Beach is on Nancy's bucket list of things to look forward to doing.

Tony Tharrington

Since 1987 Tony has been our 'jack of all trades'. He does a little bit of everything but he is truly the master of the forklift. Tony makes sure the warehouse is kept in tip top organizational condition and that we can find anything we need at any time. Tony is also very mechanically inclined so thank goodness he is around whenever the can seaming line gets stuck or someone is missing in the kitchen, because he can step right in.

Tony is an avid hunter and fisherman, has played and coached baseball and softball. Tony is by far Hubbard Peanut Company's best corn hole player.

Kaye Daughtrey

Beginning as a seasonal employee in the 80's, Kaye is the long time voice of Hubs. We call her 'eagle eye' because of her attention to detail and her effective editing skills. Today, Kaye is in charge of training the seasonal telephone staff and also is the representative for many of our larger corporate customers. In addition, Kaye is the food safety secretary and a member of our internal audit team.

Kaye collects miniature carousels, loves playing with her grandchildren, and enjoys a fine crab cake.

Her bucket list of future activities includes a visit to New England, especially during the fall to see the changing colors.

Kim Flythe

Kim, our Customer Service Manager, began her employment with Hubbard Peanut Company in 2015 after more than 20 years of customer service training and experience with International Paper. Even though every employee at Hubbard Peanut Company is trained as a customer service representative before taking on any other role or responsibility, Kim is the point person for all of our CSRs. In addition, Kim is the "go to" for any accounts who wish to establish private labels so she has mastered our highly technical and finicky printer, too.

Kim has two sons, a wonderful husband, and a large extended family. Kim loves watching her kids play sports and when she's not rooting from the bleachers, she is spending time at the beach.

Heather Lewis

Heather joined Hubbard Peanut Company in 2013. Her administrative experience has translated into being the office 'go to' for everything that everyone else is unsure of how to accomplish. Heather has been willing to tackle any task asked of her and has quickly become the software 'expert', repair technician, keeper of the manuals, picnic planner, and the general people person (that means HR). Today she also handles Accounts Receivable.

When she isn't solving our office needs, she enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the wonderful diversity of food.

She would love to visit England and Africa, but wants to figure out how to get there quickly; just not by plane.

Nadia Vann

Every business needs a Nadia. Her accounting degree and years of experience managing her family's business books positioned her well for the number crunching role of Finance Manager.

Born and raised in our community, we feel lucky to have Nadia's vested stake in 'local' to help us grow our business in the future.

With Nadia, we also have another Longwood Lancer on the team to help carry on the Longwood legacy of the Hubbard family!

Susan Williams

Susan is an experienced customer service rep who has been a part of the Hubs team since 2007. Susan's responsibilities include setting up new accounts for those who wish to resell Hubs.

Susan has three children and two grandchildren who light up her world. When she isn't playing with them, she loves the beach, a good book, and crocheting.

She is eager to go on a cruise to the southern Caribbean and visit Alaska.

Kenith Babb

In 2015 following the retirement of Vernon, our chief cook of 52 years, we were fortunate to hire Ken. Ken's role is to ensure that Hubs are cooked to perfection and are the most delicious peanuts on the market. He's good at what he does.

Ken loves the Pittsburgh Steelers, riding motorcycles, and spending time with his wife....not necessarily in that order.

Ultimately Ken wants to live the beach life and visit Hawaii, but we hope he will be here 52 years.

Collin Futrell

As one of our seasonal employees, Collin distinguished himself as reliable and always willing to lend a helping hand, so in the summer of 2017, he began his new adventure with Hubbard Peanut Company. As an assistant in the cook room with early mornings and late afternoons, Collin is responsible for making sure that peanuts are flowing through the system properly. At the end of the day, he and his team are responsible for making sure we have met our standards for product quality, safety, and that the cook room is ready for inspection.

Collin is a movieholic who enjoys mystery thrillers. He loves to go to Nags Head or any beach and collects seashells, but if he could travel anywhere, he wants to go to the Rockies of Colorado.

Collin's grandpa is his role model and his goal is to succeed and be the best he can be.

Cathy Felts

Cathy is a Sedley native who began as a seasonal CSR in 1999. As a year round part time employee, Cathy has become the website expert who helps customers navigate our site and troubleshoots any circumstances that may be out of the ordinary. You may occasionally find Cathy at the front desk waiting on customers who have found their way to Sedley to buy Hubs.

Cathy has always enjoyed fashion and especially jewelry. She is an avid gardener and loves to read.

One day she wants to travel the U.S.A. but thinks jumping out of an airplane looks like a lot of fun, too.

Ashley Davis

Ashley joined the Hubs team in 2015. She is one of the cheerful voices at Hubbard Peanut Company when you call to place an order. She is a true team player and helps with various tasks around the office.

When she is not at work, Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband and two little girls. She loves being outside, especially at the beach. She also enjoys shopping, exercising, and a good cup of coffee. Ashley is a Sunday school teacher who loves her church family.

Her ultimate relaxation dream is to go horseback riding on a beach in the Caribbean.

Our Production Team

The quality of Hubs peanuts is dependent upon the whole team which includes this group of employees. Many of these individuals have worked part time for Hubbard Peanut Company for more than 20 years. We count on each and every person throughout the year and proudly consider them part of the Hubs family.