Hubs Wholesale Application

By submitting this application on behalf of the below named entity, you agree to the following stipulations regarding the use and sale of Hubs brand products:

1) Hubbard Peanut Company reserves the right to protect entities currently selling our products. Competitive situations created by location, class of trade, or time of year may be cause for an exemption.

2) I agree that these products will be purchased for resale only and not with the intent to distribute as gifts, or for personal use or consumption.

3) Hubs brand products may not be altered, changed, or repackaged in any way without prior approval of the sales manager of Hubbard Peanut Company.

4) Any logos, images, or photographs used for the purposes of advertising, and not provided by the company, must be approved by the sales manager of Hubbard Peanut Company prior to being used for public display.

5) I may sell Hubs brand products on my website; however, I am not authorized to pay for sponsored links, promotions, or internet campaigns that use the Hubbard Peanut Company name or the Hubs brand name and any of its derivatives in direct competition with Hubbard Peanut Company, Inc. on the internet.

The information on this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

If your business is located within the Commonwealth of Virginia, please fill in Form ST-10 Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (for use by a Virginia dealer who purchases tangible property for resale) and return it to us with the signed copy of this sales agreement.

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