About Hubs

Virginia’s Oldest Continuously Family Owned and Operated Peanut Processor 

As the story goes ….in 1954 Dot Hubbard, a young school teacher, decided to stay home to raise her growing family.   Wanting a little extra income, and having grown up in peanut territory, she developed a great recipe and technique for cooking Virginia peanuts.  Friends and family loved Dot’s special peanuts and soon, through word of mouth, a true mail order business was born.  In 1954, there weren’t many mail order businesses in the U.S.A. and even fewer who were shipping gifts of great food.  There was no system for zip codes in the United States.  UPS wasn’t operating in Virginia and FedEx had not yet been founded.  At the time, there was no such thing as a credit card, so just imagine how orders were placed and delivered. 

As the “peanut vine” spread from Sedley, throughout Virginia and across the country, it was soon impossible for Dot to keep up with the demand for Hubs peanuts.  That’s when her husband, HJ, worked with local engineers to design and develop equipment that would help meet demand without compromising the rigid standard of quality representative of Hubs.  The system he devised many years ago is still in place today.

With ever changing technology, advances in the logistics industry, safeguarding of credit cards, vigilant monitoring of food safety, training and maintaining employee health and safety, increasing government regulations, building expansions, and many other factors of growth, cooking peanuts and mailing small packages of Hubs have become far more complicated.

The one thing that the Hubbard family has never lost sight of is quality.   From sourcing the best peanuts from the local harvest to ensuring order accuracy and top notch service, the experience of each Hubs customer is paramount and on the minds of each member of the Hubs team.

Today, we ship Hubs peanuts to most places around the world.  They can be found in a wide variety of stores throughout the United States in a range of packaging and sizes.  And today, Hubs are still cooked in Sedley, right where they were originally born.  

Hubbard Peanut Company