Chessie Daughtrey

Meet Chessie, the manager of our market, The Hubs Vine. How lucky were we when we purchased an old grocery building to find out a neighbor had cut her teeth in the grocery business, was a store manager, and was ready to change jobs? Now Chessie manages a gourmet market that includes Hubs products, other craft foods, coffee, and ice cream as well as a variety of games. With two young children, we believe Chessie will hone her skills and become a champion at some of the games in the market such as Battleship or shuffleboard when she isn't engaged in her favorite hobby which is reading!

Tom McClure

Our kitchen manager, Tom, is from Ivor, Virginia. After graduating from Southampton High School, he wanted to continue pursuing the skills he learned in the culinary program. He moved to Delaware and started as a line cook at Dover Down Casino. He worked his way through various roles in the kitchen and became a chef. After 12 years at the casino, he decided to move back to Virginia with his wife and daughter. When he isn't managing the kitchen operation at The Vine, he enjoys spending time with his family. They love going to the beach, bowling, or playing Top Golf as a family. On Sundays, he'll be cheering for his beloved Atlanta Falcons.

Jarad Varmette

Growing up and living in Franklin throughout his life, Jarad found his niche in the kitchen and we're happy he's in ours! Aside from enjoying good food, Jarad is a sports fan of the Capitals and the Cowboys. Graduating from Radford University with a degree in music, he keeps the kitchen rocking in more ways than one.

Robin Gainey

When we decided to open the coffee bar in the Hubs Vine, we welcomed Robin home to her old spot in our newly renovated market. As a trained barista with a warm smile, Robin had a following of satisfied customers. She says she looks forward to taking care of people and making delicious handcrafted coffees. When asked what she enjoys as her favorite past time, it is Sundays spending time with her family watching football.

Whitley Pruden

Like her teammate, Robin, Whitley has come home to her old role as a barista at The Hubs Vine. She works hard to please customers with her expertise at the Espresso machine. Whitley says family is important to her and that her customers at The Hubs Vine feel like family to her. Whitley is working her way toward an accounting degree so we are 'counting' on her behind the coffee bar.