Hubs Custom Pick Four

Nutrition Facts

Hubs Pick Four
Customize your case pack by choosing from any four of our Hubs 20 oz. items in any mix or combination to suit your needs. Each can is individually boxed in a carton suitable for shipping or wrapping as a gift. This case pack will ship only to one destination with the possibility for one message on the outer label.

Choco ships weather permitting.

Delivery times may be a bit longer than normal due to the impact of Covid 19. Our logistics partners are doing their best to deliver on time, but high volumes could delay your package. We appreciate your patience.


Create Your Gift Pack

Please select 4 items below (in any combination) to create your custom gift pack.

Salted Peanuts
Unsalted Peanuts
Big Reds
Sweet Heat
Honey Kissed
Choco Covered
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