March is National Peanut Month

Peanut Education is highlighted during March Heart Healthy Peanuts Grown Near Sedley

March is National Peanut Month and the perfect time to learn about the powerful health benefits of Hubs peanuts.  At Hubbard Peanut Company, we are very proud to produce a product that is nutritionally positive and fun to eat, too.   You may learn much more about these fascinating “ground peas” through the National Peanut Board and the American Peanut Council.  Our own webpages provide a wealth of information about these luscious legumes too. 

Through a wide variety of studies, science suggests that peanuts help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Several of these studies are posted on our website under the ‘Extra Extra’ feature on our homepage if you would like to learn more.Compare-Nuts

Peanuts proudly stand strong when their nutritional values are compared to several other popular tree nuts.  They have less fat and fewer calories than walnuts and almonds.  Peanuts also have more protein than walnuts, cashews, and almonds.  

What’s not to love about our favorite legumes? The bottom line is that eating a daily dose of peanuts is good for you and may actually help you live a longer and higher quality life.  We’ve been saying it for years;  Eat Hubs, Eat Healthy!



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