Celebrating Twenty-five Years of Work at Hubs

Deloris is packaging team leader

Deloris is packaging team leader

Tony 25 years

Tony manages the warehouse.

This month, Tony and Deloris have each reached a special milestone for loyal service at Hubbard Peanut Company. These two have been onboard and an integral part of our team since the olden days…before credit cards and computers. They both began as seasonal employees and even remember times when freshly cooked Hubs peanuts were hauled into cold storage to maintain freshness….before the invention of oxygen scavengers that allowed vacuum sealed packaging. Tony and Deloris are solid managers who oversee critical areas of our operations. We count on them to help make sure Hubs peanuts meet your expectations when they arrive at your destination. Also importantly, these two are outstanding individuals who have been exceptional role models for many others here at Hubbard Peanut Company.

Twenty-five years is traditionally recognized with a luncheon and a gift for each year of consecutive full time service.   Last Friday, with beautiful autumn skies and perfect seasonal temperatures, we had Nothin “Butt” Fun Catering on the grounds here at Hubbard Peanut Company.  Recognizing Tony and Deloris was a great way to kick off our 60th year of cooking Hubs for the holidays.  We certainly appreciate the time they have given us.

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