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Spreading Peanut Butter – Part I

Like many post WWII families beginning new lives, our parents were extremely frugal.  Also like others, we were a one car family, had a black and white TV, and our telephone  was on a party line.  As young childen, we shared more than toys. We shared clothes, sleeping space, and our family’s one bathroom.

Between our garden and grandparents’ farm, we were well fed, but Mom still saved Green Stamps and clipped coupons for groceries. We seldom went out to eat anywhere other than church covered dish dinners and rarely took trips or a vacation away from home.  Sunday afternoon rides with the family to get an ice cream sundae was a highlight we all looked forward to each week.

At our home, a clothes dryer was a line strung between two posts in the backyard.  Dishwashers had two legs and two arms.  Air conditioning was a fan…either hand held or one that sat on the floor and rotated from side to side.  

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Welcome to The New Hubs Website!

Peanuts fieldsChange is not easy for many people, so it was with some trepidation that we took the advice of several of our techie friends who have been after us for a while to update our website. Through the years (almost 60) we have tried hard to stay abreast of the latest and greatest technology so that your shopping experience with us is ever more satisfying.  Efforts to enhance our website have been no exception.

Today, we are unveiling a new format we believe will be far more engaging and easier to use but we hope you feel that it is familiar, too. When I walk into a grocery store, I like to know where to find my favorite foods and don’t want to hunt because some sales and marketing expert thinks I’ll buy more when I see things I might not have noticed before. That may be true, but one of the mandates for our new site is that it should become easier for you to find the products you love and it should minimize confusion over the checkout process.  Because of the way it is all tied to our business software, some things couldn’t change, but hopefully we have accomplished our mission.

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