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Give Hubs Virginia Peanuts – They’re Positively Perfect!

homepage_PerfectlyPowerfulPeanutScience is  proving what we’ve known all of our lives: Hubs peanuts are a healthy food with many powerful benefits.  Want to lose weight?  Want more energy?  Want to lower your cholesterol? How about improving your heart health….or your overall well-being… with the many nutrients found in peanuts?  Eat Hubs!  Want to share all of those benefits with the people in your life that make a difference to you?  Give Hubs!   Read more about some of the scientific studies related to peanuts and other nuts.   

Carolyn Funkhouser

Today, we celebrate Carolyn’s 34th season of dedicated employment at Hubbard Peanut Company! Carolyn knocked on our door in October 1980 looking for seasonal employment. At that time in our history, we were scrambling to supply our customers,  thanks to the most severe drought and shortage in the history of local peanut farming.  She had honed her skills at the Pentagon working for the Judge Advocate General’s Division of the U.S. Army before locating to Sedley with her family . We were smart enough to know that she was a perfect fit… and so Carolyn’s seasonal employment with Hubbard Peanut Company never ended…until today, December 12, 2013.  Carolyn will be retiring to join her husband as they embark on new adventures together.   Carolyn’s attention to detail has been unmatched.  As a dedicated, trustworthy, and extremely intelligent employee, Carolyn became our office manager and internal IT troubleshooter.  The woman loves to fix things. She loves to solve a mystery!  And she loves to work!   We think she will be back. Of course….that’s the only way we can let her go. 


Spreading Peanut Butter – Part III


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.   This quote is the foundation for the work done by Project Peanut Butter and it is for this reason, Hubbard Peanut Company has chosen to support Project Peanut Butter in our Spreading Peanut Butter – Fighting Hunger campaign.   Teach him to raise peanuts, give him the tools to make RUTF’s, employ him, and you raise his condition tremendously.

The specific goal of Project Peanut Butter is to treat Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), but it is the method employed by the principals of this organization that has impressed us enough to contribute.  The following is a description taken directly from Project Peanut Butter’s website

In 1999, Dr. Mark Manary, moved to Malawi, a hot spot for Severe Acute Malnutrition, for 10 weeks. He used this time to zero in onthe requirements for a successful home-based therapy program. The food had to be something that didn’t spoil, didn’t need to be cooked, was energy dense, could be given in small amounts and could get the job done. 

Dr. Manary’s early exploration of home-based therapy evolved into a successful, long-term collaboration with Dr. Andre Briend, who worked with the World Health Organization, and Nutriset, a French company that produced early versions of Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF).

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Spreading Peanut Butter – The People’s Choice


Last night the Workforce Development Center at Paul D Camp Community College was bustling with activity.  Local merchants of every description, including Hubbard Peanut Company, were represented at the Chamber of Commerce Expo where attendees can learn everything they ever wanted to know about insurance, finance, and medical care while purchasing Christmas gifts from various retailers and enjoying food prepared by local restaurants.   Expo13

We set up our booth so that most of our products were on display on a side table.  Instead of setting our usual tasting samples out front, this year we stacked peanut butter on the table. 

 “I didn’t know you were making peanut butter,” was a frequent comment as people stopped by our booth to pick up a bag of Hubbies we were giving away.  Our reply, “We don’t make peanut butter, but we are spreading it…. and tonight we are spreading it to Cooperative Ministries.”  With that, many people paused and wanted to know more.  Most then stopped and pulled out their wallets.


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Spreading Peanut Butter and Fighting Hunger – Part II


This week, Hubbard Peanut Company is preparing for the local Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.  For umteen number of years….I’ve lost count…we participate in this event to show support for our chamber and other local businesses.  Of course along the way, we hand out samples of Hubs peanuts, visit with old and new friends,  play games, and generally have a good time.

This year, we’ve decided to take a different approach and hope that we are able to build upon success. This year, we’ve decided to spread peanut butter!

No, Hubbard Peanut Company does not currently produce peanut butter, but we’ve decided that doesn’t really matter.  We can spread it anyway and we are going to start at home.

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