We Remember…
HJ Hubbard

April 17, 1924 – September 1, 2006

HJ HubbardAs I sit in my office remembering and composing this message to you, our friends, I am in my old bedroom; the one I shared with my twin sisters; the one adjacent to the living room where my parents slept on a pull-out sofa for four years after my brother was born. After growing up in the depression and serving during WWII and the Korean conflict, starting life was not easy for my father and many others of his generation.

You’ve heard Dot’s story through the years, but Hubbard Peanut Company would not have been the success it has become without HJ’s story of hard work and entrepreneurial vision. With four children to help feed and educate, his day didn’t end at 5:00 P.M. when he left his full-time position as a manager at Union Camp. He was integrally involved in every aspect of business at Hubbard Peanut Company from developing and designing packaging to planning and overseeing every building or equipment expansion. With help from local machinists, he worked tirelessly after hours to invent equipment that would allow Dot to cook peanuts in a more efficient, less strenuous manner while maintaining the Hubs quality. Early on, “Hub” was the key delivery man, dropping off small packets of peanuts that carried his nickname everywhere he went. His typing skills were unmatched and for many years, it was HJ who sent out the order forms and invoices that followed. Vacation time was time to paint the house or take care of repairs. Santa Claus put up the Christmas tree after the last peanuts had been shipped for the season and we children had gone to bed late Christmas Eve. Mr. HubbardWe remember… oh, how we remember.

As his health began to decline, the things that had always been important were never compromised. Our dad was a meticulous man with strong ethics. Strict attention to detail, cleanliness, organization, and perseverance were lessons he taught well and lessons that have carried through to all with whom he worked closely. Yes, we remember, HJ Hubbard, a man of integrity, strong spirit, and goodness.

Whether you are a new customer to Hubbard Peanut Company or a long-time friend, your business is very valuable to us. What Hubbard Peanut Company has become today is the result of the efforts of many . . . including our wonderful dad. Thank you for being a part of our story . . . and thank you for choosing Hubs.

The Hubbard Family – Lynne, Sandra, Terri, and Harvey

Hubbard Peanut Company