Carolyn Funkhouser

Today, we celebrate Carolyn’s 34th season of dedicated employment at Hubbard Peanut Company! Carolyn knocked on our door in October 1980 looking for seasonal employment. At that time in our history, we were scrambling to supply our customers,  thanks to the most severe drought and shortage in the history of local peanut farming.  She had honed her skills at the Pentagon working for the Judge Advocate General’s Division of the U.S. Army before locating to Sedley with her family . We were smart enough to know that she was a perfect fit… and so Carolyn’s seasonal employment with Hubbard Peanut Company never ended…until today, December 12, 2013.  Carolyn will be retiring to join her husband as they embark on new adventures together.   Carolyn’s attention to detail has been unmatched.  As a dedicated, trustworthy, and extremely intelligent employee, Carolyn became our office manager and internal IT troubleshooter.  The woman loves to fix things. She loves to solve a mystery!  And she loves to work!   We think she will be back. Of course….that’s the only way we can let her go. 

Hubbard Peanut Company